[DE] Logführer Podcast

Today the podcast series „Zugfunk“ (previously „EiBs on Air“), privately produced by some enthusiastic young train drivers, published a detailed podcast about our technology (in German language only).

In a previous podcast they issued some questions in response to the Frontal 21 story at the national TV station „ZDF“. These questions made immediately obvious that some aspects of the approach, which is totally different from classical train protection systems, are not well understood. So we invited them to get a first-hand- and own-eye-impression of the technology and ask as many questions as they like.

Today’s podcast showed that this visit was very valuable as they now understand much better the merits of the innovation. Even better, they explain the answers to some of the very typical questions, e.g. on how localization really works accurately even on parallel tracks, very well!

Addendum: In a more recent podcast (starting at about 0:27:30, in German only) they report about a visit of our customer HSB where they’ve seen the system under operational conditions.