Ferrostaal representing Intelligence on Wheels in Argentina and Peru

Ferrrostaal Equipment Solutions (FES) and Intelligence on Wheels (IoW) have signed a cooperation agreement for the South American markets, in particular Argentina and Peru. FES has a long history of equipping South American railways with technology made in Germany. Under the new cooperation agreement, FES can extend its portfolio with IoW’s innovative, award winning train collision avoidance technology, which leverages a safety overlay system design very successful in aeronautics to the railway system. This virtual infrastructure can be retro-fitted into any kind of train, lifting the safety level from whatever is there today to a new level. “The railway system in South America is a perfect opportunity for our cost-effective technology. By just equipping the vehicles with an onboard unit, collisions are avoided without any investment in the infrastructure“, says IoW’s CEO Thomas Strang. “IoW’s technology matches perfectly the need of the operators in Peru and Argentina. And we can provide all the relevant on-site support“, emphasizes Ferrostaal’s Representative Andreas Heuser. Both companies want to provide German engineering paired with local, fast and professional service to further strengthen the South American railway system for a sustainable future.

SignaturesImage: Andreas Heuser (Ferrostaal) and Dr. Thomas Strang (IoW) signing the cooperation agreement

Company Profiles

Ferrostaal Equipment Solutions GmbH is an independent sales and service partner for individual machines and machine lines in the areas of environmental technology / recycling, packaging, plastics, metal processing, railway equipment and laboratory technology. Ferrostaal Equipment Solutions GmbH also offers its customers structured concepts for export financing and has a comprehensive foreign network that stretches from Chile in the west to China in the east. All companies in Germany and abroad form the division machinery trade of Ferrostaal Trading GmbH.

Intelligence on Wheels (Germany), founded in 2012, is a spin-off of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) committed to the commercialization of an innovative train collision avoidance system. It is our vision that every train will be equipped with our technology as additional means of technical train protection. In doing so, the safety level will be lifted from whatever safety technology is installed along the track or in the train to a higher level. Our product can be permanently or temporarily installed on any rail vehicle including construction & maintenance vehicles. It can also be used to protect track workers. A variety of related services are offered to the customers, including for instance the generation of electronic maps.