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Intelligence on Wheels – ein DLR spinn-off

Zwei DLR-Wissenschaftler mit der Technologie aus dem Forschungsprojekt „RCAS“ (Railway Collision Avoidance System) ein Unternehmen ausgegründet.

[DE] AusRail 2012

The first international market addressed by Intelligence on Wheels is Australia. This accounts for the fact that the RCAS approach is most feasible for the situation in Australia [1] with…

[DE] Einzigartiges Zug-Sicherheitssystem, entwickelt vom Deutschen Aerospace Center

[DE] „The German Aerospace Centre DLR has arrived at the 2012 ITS World Congress with a unique system for rail safety – for preventing collisions between trains and improving safety for track workers.“

[DE] ITS Weltkongress 2012 Wien“

DLR and Intelligence on Wheels jointly presented the RCAS 19″ product for the first time to the public at the ITS World Congress 2012 in Vienna, Austria. This was not…