Train collision avoidance

Our first and primary product series commercialized is a train collision avoidance system based on the RCAS technology developed at DLR. It combines three core technologies: a direct train-to-train communication system, an accurate localization system and a cooperative situation analysis and decision support system. Innovation-oriented operators have installed the technology in their fleet realizing the huge potential for saving lives and avoiding damages. As opposed to “traditional” technical train safety systems, the approach does not require any technology in the infrastructure, i.e. along the railway track, but entirely relies on sensors and communication technology in the trains.

Thus one of the biggest advantages of our product series is the possibility of installation in any train without changing the overall rail infrastructure. No additional changes, no additional costs. Step by step, any rail based vehicle can be equipped with our product (e.g. our 19″ standard rackmount units together with one of our HMIs, or our all-in-one portable train units) and they will start immediately to communicate and exchange data with any other unit in range, including our live-check control beacons. It is even possible to mount units on rail maintenance vehicles or other objects which might become an obstacle for trains in order to consider them in the traffic survey. All other trains can continue their operations by using the old safety procedures. Our product can also be used to protect track workers or emergency road vehicles from being hit by approaching trains with the use of a personal device. Though, our product is not a system replacing existing safety systems but works as a so-called “overlay system”, that means it offers additional safety to the systems already in use.

Although our product series is technically not restricted to, it is particularly suitable to small to medium operators, serving local, regional and industrial railways with typically a few 10 locomotives. Highspeed line operators are addressed with our product being a migration step, raising the safety level from whatever is there as of today or in the future (e.g. ETCS). Our product is designed to co-exist with any existing and future technical safety system on the railway infrastructure. Here our technology will clearly convince with its attractive CAPEX and OPEX properties: Unlike any other safety technology it doesn’t scale with the number of track kilometers, but with the number of trains only.

A variety of related services are offered to the customers, including for instance the generation of electronic HD tack maps.