Personal Track Worker Protection

Launched at InnoTrans 2014 with a live demo!

Public available statistics reveal that track workers need a higher level of protection. Recent cases include accidents in Germany and many other countries. In some regions of the world, there are many 10 up to several 100 track worker accidents every year caused by being hit by a train. Thus it is highly recommended that track workers will also be fitted with a personal version of our protection technology, minimizing the likelihood of collisions with approaching trains.

railway track workers

(c) Image by Network Rail UK.

In fact it is our vision that everyone who wears a reflective west should also wear a personal protection device. Due to the potentially long braking distances of approaching trains it is of at least equal importance to warn the human worker of the approaching train as the human can de-escalate a potential threat situation usually much faster.

In this way, we will enhance existing railway safety systems with new technology and increase overall operational safety.

Download the flyer of the smartphone version.